How to Choose the Right Sewing Machine

Awesome! But where to start? I guess a machine would be helpful, right? But which one?! 

I get asked fairly often what machine I recommend for sewing and quilting, and the truth is: there's no one right answer. It honestly depends on what kind of sewing you expect to do with it. But, I can tell you which machines I prefer, love, and use. 

Tips on Fussycutting, Technology and Sewing, and What's Next for Julia Eigenbrodt of Stars and Sunshine

I really love interviewing people from the sewing and quilting community because I still have so much to learn. This world moves so incredibly fast and people are coming up with amazing ways to integrate sewing into everyday life. One of those people is the awesome Julia Eigenbrodt from the inspiring sewing and crafty blog Stars and Sunshine. She seamlessly fuses technology and sewing together with her adorable 3-D printed hoop necklaces found in her Etsy shop, she also has wonderfully geeky paper piecing patterns in her Craftsy store, and a vibrant and fun Instagram

Get Snail Mail Anytime!

Since this post offering to send some mail out was such a huge success, I decided maybe people would like it all the time, so I created a little tab for just that! Now, you can just drop me a line anytime you want requesting a little mail love. 

A Fabric Shop Needs Your Help! Plus, an Interview with Jessica Darling

This weekend, I sat down with Jessica Darling, marketing director and pattern designer for Homegrown by Villa Rosa Designs. She's been in the industry for years in one form or another, from owning her own fabric shop to designing to teaching to long arm quilting. Now, she's branching out again, this time to set down roots in Corpus Christi, Texas, to start a cute little sewing/quilting oasis called "Darling Rose". She plans on offering not just high quality fabric, but classes, machine rentals, and a meeting hub for crafty peeps. 

This Months Must Read Crafty Books

I've been sewing apparel and accessories most of my life, so naturally, I thought I could easily expand into the wonderful world of quilting. I've been binding and cutting and sewing forever, so this should be no big deal, right? Right.

I figured I'd start with an easy pattern, one with lots of colors, big enough for our bed, and simple shapes. I wanted one that was slightly ambitious, something that I could take my time on. Something to be proud of. I searched hi and lo for that one pattern to turn me into a 'quilter', and I found it! 

What I've Been Working On...

I know you're all dying to see what I've been slaving over, so here it is! I'm part of a lot of craft swaps in the Instagram community, and this particular swap was one of my favorites  it was called the "Cartoons Of Our Time" and a mainly focused on a few key cartoons like Futurama, Adventure Time, and Phineus and Ferb. Of course, Futurama is my jam, so I immediately signed up.


Phew! I finally got back from Quiltcon West in Pasadena, Ca. It was a blast! To give a bit of background, Quiltcon is a convention featuring modern quilters, vendors, fabric designers, and the fruits of their labor.